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The Queen of Clubs story was filled with so many gorgeous design elements. A kaleidoscopic array of sights, sounds and smells. We have captured and recreated them to complete the sensory journey for you.


 With a complimentary 2-part soundtrack, heady hand-poured candles and atmospheric room sprays.


​Also, on October 30th, 2020, we will release

'Queen of Clubs: Behind the Scenes'.

Stories, candid interviews from the characters. Our collection of club photography and archived photos. 



One of the most memorable elements from the story was the incredible macabre Bathhouse wallpaper that Rich and I designed. Rubbing the Victorian tiles with charcoal, creating the iconic backdrop to wild parties and club photography, the inspiration for our 'Limited Edition - Queen of Clubs' Merch Range.

From collectors' edition canvas hi-top trainers to poster prints, journals to beautiful cushions, tiny crown 'spoons', an eccentric shower curtain and bespoke rolls of the iconic wallpaper, all available for your home.

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