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An ideas man (lady) and an obsessive imaginer.

A dyslexic storyteller. Who magically isn't dyslexic when she writes creative words.

She is a risk-taker and a doer who isn't satisfied with the answer, 'No, that can't be done.'

A lifestyle daydreamer who believes she would be happiest living in the hills of LA with her lovely cool husband, huge-hearted cherub daughter and their sweet little mini alpaca (which they are yet to own).
By day, making roaring wild creative ideas come to life. 
By night, peacefully gazing into the valley of twinkling lights. 

A high vibration human whose weird energy levels mess with electrics. 

A wearer of many professional titles and labels.
Now retired: Nightclub Owner, Entrepreneur and Addict.
Still current: Creative Director, Ideation Expert and Evolver. 

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