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A white-knuckled, true tale of a girl versus the Universe. Heady secrets of her self-made

mini-empire of nightclubs,

fighting through a kaleidoscopic drug addiction, and the quest for



“WILD! You really do have to read it….it’s incredibly vivid” - Lauren Laverne BBC Radio 6

Racy New Memoir
 The Daily Mail
A Studio 54 story for the 21st Century!
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This HAS to be a film!!! 
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Hilarious & Heartbreaking 
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Queen of Clubs spans an electric thirteen-year period, set in the heart of East London, when the most sensible in the city are sleeping. Step into the secretive and dark world of clubland and the humorous journey from a carefree 24-hour party girl to an accidental nightclub entrepreneur. Smashing the glass ceiling in a male-dominated industry, creating subcultural waves - hurtling through the giddy, glittering highs of success - rapidly expanding to three award-winning nightclubs. 


Fighting through gritty ‘knee-grazing’ lows, down into the seedier depths of the night, a large scale theft ring, international fraud, drugs, police corruption. A David-and-Goliath legal battle with a billion-dollar corporation, a multi-millionaire property developer, and the ultimate deceit of the century. 


Intertwined with a roaring cocaine addiction and a once-in-a-lifetime love affair. 


What happens to a girl who builds her life around the night?...

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Queen of Clubs


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