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#1 Amazon Best Seller


“WILD! You really do have to read it….it’s incredibly vivid” - Lauren Laverne BBC Radio 6

Racy New Memoir
 The Daily Mail
A Studio 54 story for the 21st Century!
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Reader Review
This HAS to be a film!!! 
Amazon Customer Review
Hilarious & Heartbreaking 
Amazon Customer Review
And a massive warm welcome! 
Tava here, author & creator of Queen of Clubs.

A wildly unpredictable, white-knuckled true story of a carefree
24-hour East London party girl turned scandalous entrepreneur who created a mini-empire of nightclubs.
Its a journey into the dark, captivating world of clubland. Fighting through addiction towards the light with determination, grit and power of the most profound, purest love.

I hope you love my story, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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