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Secrets from a Creative Director. 

Broken down, step by step so you can harness, unleash and monetise your creative powers.

Intensive 8 - Week Program

A program built from expert real-world experience. Each module is made up of engaging

videos, tutorials, workshops, interviews, briefs, & access to The Studio Creative Resource Suite.

Please contact The Studio if you would like to enquire about bespoke Creative Workshops or Intensive Creative Thinking Retreats 


Whether you are currently working in a creative industry already, or just starting out. Maybe you want to step up into a highly coveted and competitive creative director role, or are working in your own business, wanting a path to build your brand to a higher more innovative, imaginative and inspired level?


Do you want to gain insight into greater levels of creativity, be utterly inspired?...


Start thinking off the over trodden, worn-out track and discover inspired new ideas to increase sales, brand awareness, and generate genuine engagement.


Or are you in need of a more productive, reliable way to work, a formula to ensure a brilliant idea isn't a happy accident or if you cross your fingers and hope for the best you might 'strike' creative gold or not...


Your creative genius IS in there, ready to get working; you just need to give it the instruction, guidance, and a clear brief. 



Our eight-week course is your formula to map a process to tactically think, generate ideas and train your mind.


Filmed inside The Studio, we will work together to build yourself a new set of invaluable skills to elevate you to a higher way of working.


  • CREATIVE GENIUS: Think like a Creative Director; A freeing mindset, a formula to create, a visionary way to work and train your mind - until it’s an automatic process.

  • INSPIRATION: Unlock your ideas, and build them into aspirational creative concepts. Learn to be objective with your own work, truly begin thinking in new territories, and out of old patterns. Discover the thrill of unrestrained creative thinking.

  • TOOL KIT: The Studio Resource Centre. Access to industry insights, references libraries, image banks, design programs, simple scamping, mood boarding, hacks, and tips to build your creative tool kit.

  • FORMULATE: Harness your creativity and productivity. Train it 'to turn up and work' on your terms. Know your trigger to switch on your creative powers simply. Build a repeatable structure to your thinking process.

  • THE JOURNEY: Breaking down the industry bullsh*t, misconceptions, and navigating your creative process. The unique and highly diverse creative journeys of the most creative minds. Where do you want your creativity to take you?

  • WATCH & POUNCE: How to tap into trends before they happen. Identify ingenious social movements and cultural waves - how you can use them to propel your big picture thinking.

  • THE PROCESS: From decoding a brief to working through the ideation process, building creative concepts, copywriting and mood boards into a presentation deck and preparing the winning pitch!

  • CREATIVE COMMUNITY: Build a creative network. How to creatively collaborate. Create a little black book of contacts. Decoding which creative does what, who would be the best person for particular projects and how to hire the very best freelancers


You will leave my Secrets of a Creative Director course with the key to unlocking your creativity, be able to turn your creativity into a commercial commodity. Never having to worry if inspiration 'might' strike or if you will ever have another brilliant idea again...

Inspired - Tier One

Self-guided Course to Creative Direction 


You can complete the course at your own pace. There are no time limitations. You can also do this program as intensive training if you wanted to move faster than the eight weeks. 

* Add on a one-on-one mentoring Zoom session with me on completion of the journey for $199USD

Ingenious - Tier Two

Join the Waitlist

$999 USD

Creative Community + Course to Creative Direction 

Move through the course with like-minded creatives across the globe. Access to shared learning experiences with an interactive workshop, message board and weekly group virtual masterclass. One-on-one mentoring Zoom session with me on completion of the journey.  

Creative Expert - Tier Three

Join the Waitlist

$1299 USD

Creative Community + Course to Creative Direction+Mentoring 

Move through the course at your own pace or through with your peers in the vibrant creative community. A year-long membership to The Studio's exclusive monthly masterclass.  With the addition of a weekly one on one mentoring Zoom session with me. 

You can choose how we spend our time; We can work through the course elements to intensify the training or work on the creative hurdles of your business challenges. Creative career coaching. Or purely accessing a Creative Director to mentor you through your creative journey and decisions.

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